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Suzanne is doing Zoom, Skype, and Phone Consultations from California.

Please note that if you are trying to make an appointment with Suzanne's Online Scheduler with your phone or IPad you will need to get the Mind/Body Express App at the App Store. It is free. At the top and bottom of each day on the scheduler you will see if the scheduler is on Pacific time or Mountain time.

Schedule an Appointment Now through my Online Scheduler and receive a free pdf copy of Suzanne's amazing book, "Integral Numerology". Or, you can request a copy of "Confessions of a Psychic" as a word document.

  • New Client Discount is now $150 per hour
  • Birthday Special is also $150 per hour
  • Psychic Reading - Phone or Zoom is $180 for an hour
  • 30 Minute Reading - $90

*At your appointment remind Suzanne to send you the book.*


Intuitive Predictions for the Year of 2021

Osho Zen Tarot: Ordinariness, Courage, Flowering
Healing Earth Tarot: Two of feathers, Ten of Rainbows, Ace of Feathers
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Strength, Eight of Cups, The World
Medicine Cards: Ant, Squirrel, Moose
Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot: Knight of Swords, Ace of Swords, Disappointment
Mayan Oracle: Organic Balance, Cib
Words of Truth: Senses, Sensitivity, Indulgence

We arrive at 2021 with the cards reflecting the tremendous shifts that so many have been calling for throughout 2020. While there is much to do and many things to navigate we are on a healing trajectory.

It seems as if we are slowly coming to our senses. It seems that the world has tilted once again away from insanity and towards responding to the deep feelings and sensitivities that have been broken open … in this atmosphere of deception and hate. Finally, there is a shift towards addressing and indulging in the goodness rather than all the negativity. Something that I find a welcome relief.

Such an extreme imbalance for the last 4 years forces a counterbalance. And in this case it seems to be really looking at how so much scary venom and hate has caused deep psychological scars and versions of PTSD that have manifested as a global pandemic.

We are beginning to see that we are the problem. Therefore we are also the solution.

The Mayan glif, Cib, represents the mystical emissary of solar consciousness. He brings wisdom by ushering in grace.

Cib teaches trust. The type of trust where you learn to become one with the path that you are on. It is also about recognizing that your path is yours alone and that no one person or spiritual belief system can encompass all the steps that you may need to reclaim your connection to your highest self or the Divine. Cib teaches that the path is not “out there” but inside you. That is the only perfect path. It is about trusting what your heart tells you rather than words on a page, voices of influence, or laws of a land.

All such things are made by man and therefore susceptible to distortion from egos that intend to highjack great teachings for their own wealth and power. Your spirit knows the way.

All we have to do is to learn to follow that energy and let it lead us through our own karmic maze and into a more enlightened state of being.

With the Strength card, it will be a challenge for some to reign in their emotionally reactive side and their passionate nature. The proper response to the raging beasts within men is gentleness.

The rashness of our “National” youthful nature is at an end. We can no longer act like spoiled, self-important, petulant, children.

It is time to grow up and into a more conscious and evolved society. Pride and ignorance have been in control for too long.

It is time for a change. And this year is that beginning. We are moving into a place where we have to regain moral control over a society out of control. We will witness a tremendous amount of diplomacy, patience and endurance to appease those whose hearts hold so much rage and hate still.

The “World” cards shows that we are truly at the end of an era. That alone stands as powerfully fulfilling promise, a definitive choice, and an undeniable fact.

With the “Eight of Cups” there will be those whose intent is to thwart all forward progress. There will be a feeling that the stuckness of 2020 wants to cling to our clothing and try to “piggyback” on us to get into 2021.

But there will be those that see the ship at the dock ready to sail towards a New World. And many will rise up to step onto that ship, even if they do not know where it is going. That movement will feel better than anything from our recent past. The only solution to the problems is change.

Ant reminds us that we need to work for the good of the whole not the few. It is time to look at what it is that we really need and let everything else go. 2021 is not a time to be in a hurry. Those that are greedy will try to grab as much as they can … while they can … because they know the party they have been so entitled to is coming to an end.

Moose indicates that we are finally kicking a very bad habit. That thing had to be fought for to earn the energy and respect of Moose.

Take a moment right now and write down the many things that you did accomplish in 2020. Really notice the tremendous effort and presence that you put into things that you never thought you could do. Feel good about that progress and remind others through encouraging words and choices. While Moose tends to be quiet most of the time. When they are in season, everyone knows they are in the area. Their call is one of the powerful calls of the wild. Let yourself celebrate with others those shifts in perception that are now fully integrated. We are hearing a call that needs to be heard and to be taken seriously. Those that ignore those calls are going to find themselves in trouble quickly.

Squirrel reminds us that the safety we seek is not to be found in the external world but is always found in an untroubled heart and mind. When you make well planned choices you have much less to fear. When you are prepared and willing to do the work ahead of time you can weather times of difficulty. There is much to do and many actions to take this year. But it is advised that we have some semblance of a plan before we move ahead.

Business as we know it will never completely be the same again. We cannot go back nor do we really want to.

The time has come. The seed within us is sprouting. We cannot go back into the seed pod. So surrender into the fact that there is no choice only the choice to be courageous and allow yourself to become that which you came to be. You do not need to know what that is. You only need to give permission to yourself to find out.


Intuitive Predictions for the Year of 2021



Suzanne lives in Northern California.
Suzanne's appointments are mostly phone consultations, unless you schedule when she is in your area. She uses a Free Conference Call service. Once you use her online scheduler you will receive an email confirming your appointment which will give you number to call and an access code. You will call the number, put in the access code when prompted and she will meet you there.

The schedule is always on the time zone that Suzanne is in. Most of the time she is in California, and the scheduler is on Pacific time.

Please understand that you will be responsible for making sure your time zone is clear to you when you make the appointment. The scheduler always follows Suzanne not the client. 

After your phone session you will receive an mp3 link that you can download to your computer.

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