Get To Know The Psychics At The "Psychic Fair"

I have been working for years to get a core group of talented psychics together to assist the expansion of the perceptions of "psychics" within the state of Utah. So, I am so excited to introduce this particular group of psychics to you.

Each one of them I have known for years. Some started out as clients, friends, or fellow participants in other courses or workshops that I have taken. Each one has a tremendous desire to grow personally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have seen each of them at their best and at their worst and I know that within each one is a tremendous heart and spirit. I chose each one because of their amazing psychic abilities and willingness to grow consistently on a personal level.

To be a good psychic means that you must be willing to look at all the areas within that might be holding judgment or fears. Being a good psychic means that you are constantly working on yourself and in doing that you need safe and clear reflections that you trust and respect to grow and open into the areas that carry the most fear or upset. This is the only way to stay conscious and clear with other's energies and be able to read them. If a psychic has an unresolved issue then they may not be clear if a client comes in with that particular issue. A psychic can only take a client as far as they have grown personally. That is what this group is all about.

Each one holds a unique perspective and way of receiving information. Each one is willing to take the risk and share what is true for them in the moment knowing that sometimes in doing that you may bump up right against someone's deepest fear and issues. They are always willing to keep refining and finding new ways to express the truth so that others can grow and understand with the least amount of stress and upset. I am proud to be their friend, teacher, spiritual advisor, and companion along this complex psychic pathway that each of us have chosen to evolve on.

This group has been working together for over 2 years and in that time we have had regular meetings that help each other grow psychically, as well as, any area that is of concern to them. We are a spiritual family. Together we are willing to grow and evolve, get feedback from others in the group, and continue to challenge ourselves into the areas in which we are weakest. It is so important to have spiritual family to get feedback from in this field because all of us are tapping into very subtle energies that are very difficult to translate. Through our experiences and awareness the information tries to move through us but sometimes we have our own slants, filters, or judgments. It is critical to have others that you trust to give you clarity and another angle of perception so you can learn to find your own distortions and heal them.

I discovered years ago that learning psychic skills is only one aspect of becoming a good psychic. What makes a great psychic is a person who is willing to look at his or her own issues, shadow patterns, fears, blocks, and judgments. What is also challenging is that getting the information is only about 50% of the process of being a great psychic. The next 25% is in knowing how to navigate another person's energy and beliefs. And finally the last 25% requires a psychic to know how to give the information to a person in a way that serves their growth and potential.

If someone cannot receive and hear the information a psychic is giving it does not matter how accurate they are. It is so critical that you look at a psychic's intention during a reading. Do they want to be right? Or do they want to truly help you unravel the incredible mystery that is your life? Remember, all psychics can make mistakes but I know that this group has their heart and intention in the right place. I know that they are committed to continuing to grow and in doing that they will become better and more accurate for their clients.

What I know about these psychics is that their intention and motivation are pure. They all have amazing hearts and they love people. They love being in the mystery of life and they are fascinated by the many patterns and skills this world has to offer each individual towards a greater understanding of their life and path. They are dedicated to a life of constant conscious awareness and growth.

The most amazing gift that I can have as a teacher is to earn the trust and openness from those whom I teach. There is nothing more amazing to me than to be the witness and guide to the expansion of a soul's awakening and to see people become their true potential. This group has given me that experience over and over again. I look forward to their continued journey into the fullest expression of their gifts. I hope you enjoy the sincerity, honesty, love, and caring that I experience when I am in their presence.


Suzanne's Personal Thoughts About Each Of The Psychics From The Psychic Fair

Krysta Brinkley

Krysta Brinkley is the powerhouse in this group. Without her dedication, love, and determination this group may not have been formed at all. Krysta is full of energy that matches her red hair. Yet, within her beats the huge heart of a powerful goddess and a feminine that is maternal and willing to try anything for those in her care. She is our logistics coordinator, which is greatly needed as I am personally so busy and out of town working in California a lot. She has the heart of a lioness and the storytelling skill of Plato.

She loves metaphorical stories and uses them to assist her clients in learning skills to navigate difficult places in their lives. Through using myths and stories, Krysta, attempts to depersonalize the problems a client is having and give them a way to move that opens them up to the deeper mystery and flow of the journey upon which they are embarking. Krysta is very bright and bubbly, optimistic, and fiery. She will tell you the truth in a direct but insightful way. She flows with energy and information very quickly and so a reading with her will move along at a fast clip. Do not expect to be bored or not get enough information when you have a reading with her. She will fill you with many possibilities and ways of moving. She sees the options that are always available and so people leave feeling motivated and inspired to move when they have a reading with her.


Ross Gigliotti

Ross Gigliotti is our Italian intuitive from the old and new world combined. He is genetically from a family of great intuition and depth. He is amazingly capable of finding hidden dark patterns that most would not want to find and uncover. That is why he works with people and the police to help solve crimes. He has worked through many of his own patterns with great depth and persistence. He is extremely bright intellectually but his great skill is in his ability to sort the many patterns and complexities of each person in a way that he can find the seed or part that keeps causing suffering or upset. Once he finds that he is tremendously skilled in giving you new ways to express the deepest needs of your heart.

He is a strategist and will help you navigate the pathways of your life that have previously been challenging or blocked. He has worked through so many of his own that people feel very comfortable with him. He is a Utah native but he has been on a path of exploration of many different forms of spirituality and consciousness. There are not many places that Ross does not know how to navigate. His clients feel and trust his skills. He is confidence and clear about what he sees and the sparkle in his eyes will allow you to feel supported in what ever journey your soul wishes to dive into.


Larissa Jones

Larissa is our resident empath. She is physically very sensitive to the subtle realm of bodies and emotions. This has caused her great pain and challenged her body in a multitude of ways. It has taken years of committed work for her to understand and learn to deal with the amazing sensitivity that God gave her in this life. She learned many of her skills as a way to cope and heal herself. In doing, those skills also opened her up to the psychic world. She learned to bring her whole being into her physical body and that allowed her to be able to read and understand others physical and emotional problems by feeling deeply into them through her own being.

To her people are a panoply of emotions and energies. Those patterns cause illness and strain. But when you can identify them and untangle the filaments of energy then the core pattern can be more easily seen and unwound. That is why she uses the skills of Aromatherapy as a way to sort out the many complex patterns that each person is holding. She has a natural olfactory channel that allows her to smell into the energies that might assist the client in finding physical and emotional balance.


Melene Lake

Melene is a complex woman with a heart of gold and the sensitivity of a priestess. Few I know have her determined spirit with a heart that loves to a depth that cracks open the connection between heaven and earth. She gives of herself in so many ways that we do not have the space to speak of them all. She has not only assisted many other gifted healers in expressing their own work but she is also completely committed to learning how to open herself and others to the interconnectedness that is all around. She has a quiet spirit and way about her but inside is an extremely capable female that loves the outdoors and is down to earth and practical in her approach.

That is why I am so happy that now she is finally getting her due. She is not one to toot her own horn and yet within her is a place of intuitive clarity that stands on a base of practicality and genuine love for people. For many years she gave her services for free as a way to trust that what goes around comes around. Her front door was a "Grand Central Station" of the neighborhood. Now she is giving her gifts more openly to the greater community of Salt Lake City. Having a reading with Melene you will feel as if you have been touched by an angel whose sweetness and sincerity will melt your heart.


Wade Lake

Wade is the other half of Melene. As a married couple for years, they are amazingly close and you know that you are in the presence of soul mates. The energy connects them in ways that is loving and stable. Wade is the grounded, quiet, masculine presence in our group. He has always put his family, wife, and children first. His demeanor is calming to the women that are his clients. It is such a relief for women to feel and see a reflection of a man that is totally in his integrity and committed to the best things in life. Wade has learned and integrated many skills of psychic awareness and he continues to be fascinated by all the tools that are available to him at this time. Being around Wade you feel as if you can do and be what ever is inside you. His energy is a gift of permission, acceptance, and love. Yet you always feel that inside him is also a clear boundary and he is a man that will stand up for what is true.

That was tested in 2008, when an event happened in his neighborhood that had the entire city in upset. Despite the opinion of the majority, Wade stood up for what he knew as true and in doing so got threats from others. He knew that to allow others who did not know the truth of what happened to speak without the reality of the counterpoint, was wrong. He knew that sometimes you have to stand in the truth even when others do not want to hear it. Wade is a man of tremendous integrity, intuitive skill, grounded stability, and honor. You will learn a lot in his presence and through his skills as a reader.

Shawn Lerwill

Shawn is the group's direct line to the angels and guides. He prefers to channel information directly from the higher realms. He is tremendously gifted at that as years ago he had a car accident that should have killed him. As terrible as that experience was it changed him permanently in ways that have allowed his skills as a psychic and clairvoyant to emerge. In the accident he damaged his brain partially in certain ways. As a result his short term memory is not very good. But what opened up was an amazing direct connection to the spirit realm. He is naturally and constantly connected to the other side. This gives him an insight that is rare and very helpful to his clients. It is as if he has one foot in this world and one foot in the other world.

Clients flock to him because he has a genuine sweetness and light that explodes out of his body, eyes, and face at all times. You know that you can trust him and his sincerity is palpable to all that work with him. He has the ability to say things in ways that create peace in his clients. Because of this, clients that are upset are drawn to have a reading with Shawn. He is always hopeful, calming, and insightful. He allows his clients to understand and learn how to trust the spiritual world that is always right there trying to assist each of us.

Cassie Marie

Cassie is a woman of many talents and skills. She is an amazing songwriter and singer, as well as, a yoga instructor. But it is her spiritual gifts that inspire others to come to her for readings. She is a personal coach and spiritual guide to those seeking the pathways into their deepest being. She loves to give readings using the tools of Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, and the Intuitive hits that come to her in spontaneous ways throughout her readings.

She is an energizer bunny whose enthusiasm will motivate each person to step beyond his or her fear and into his or her potential. She wants to support each person to open to his or her own natural intuitive gifts. She had an amazing energetic shift of consciousness in her twenties and she knows that each person has gifts to give the planet. Her gift is to help others unlock and recognize what their energetic imprint is on this world and how to act responsibly with that gift.


Adam Sagers

Adam is the outdoors enthusiast in our group. He has loved adventure and the tools that engaging with nature require. His intuitive skills were trained in the solitude of his physical adventures in life. He has had his life saved over and over again by angels. He has pushed his physical body to it's limits and sometimes almost over the limits. He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are energies outside that assist in times of crisis. He is intimately aware of those beings and those moments. Because of that he began to want to explore the reality that kept him on this planet. He is an avid seeker of Astrology, Mysticism, Prophesy, Sacred Treasure, and Intuition. He has information in places that continue to amaze even me. He is the quiet presence in our group. He has a shy nature and through his work with clients he has come out of his shell a lot. He is totally committed to uncovering the truth that lies within each individual.

He studies things over and over again to glean the smallest piece of information that might have slipped his grasp. He knows that sometimes it is the small pieces that end up being the last piece in a puzzle. That is often the piece that will allow the client to connect and understand some deeper place within. When Adam is not working as a psychic he is passionately working on Astrological Art and the creation of water features for peoples homes and businesses. He is amazingly honorable and everyone always knows that Adam will do his best moment by moment to connect and support anyone that chooses to work with him.


Nick Stark

Nick is our resident "Nature Wizard". He has been extensively trained in the traditional shamanic systems of North and South America. He has spent a lot of time directly working with the highest level Shaman in Peru and is blessed to have them as his personal friends. If you want to go on a magical trip to Peru and open your heart then Nick is the man you want to connect to. He has had a tremendously difficult childhood and early adulthood. Because of the level of abuse that he experienced it forced him to find ways to heal himself. He has probably had the most difficult pathway of all the psychics at the Psychic Fair. He has moved so much in this lifetime that it has been amazing to watch.

He is gifted in dealing with clients that have also had abuse patterns or addiction patterns in their lives. Because of his experiences, Nick, does not pull any punches but his spirit is often simple and childlike. There is an innocence that exudes from him and you know that you are dealing with a person who has a heart of gold but has had a very difficult life path. He is compassionate to everyone and also knows that to help others you cannot withhold the truth from them. He is very good at seeing into the denial that a client might be holding. He loves to use all the tools, shamanic, as well as, psychic. To him they are all the same and are interconnected. The tool does not have the power but it has the power you give to it.

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