Ross Gigliotti

Ross Gigliotti

Hypnotherapist, NLP certified health practitioner, personal coach, psychic
His phone number is (801) 244-0275.


Ross began to demonstrate his natural abilities as a psychic at a very young age. As a preschooler, he would draw pictures of future events. Within a few days photographs of the same events would be in the newspaper.

He graduated from the U of U in microbiology and pursued careers in scientific research, music, and construction. Ross was led to explore his psychic abilities by well-known psychic Cynthia Becker of St. Louis, MO. He continues to study and learn more of his gifts with psychic Suzanne Wagner in Salt Lake City, Utah.

He has spent 13 years studying and coaching NLP and hypnosis. He worked with Anchor Point and has been extensively trained in all the systems of NeuroLinguistic Programming. He has coached many individuals
through various life transitions by identifying unhealthy life patterns and facilitates the necessary changes.
He is amazingly gifted in teaching others how to heal themselves of allergies and traumas using the
techniques he has accumulated over the years.

As a skilled Tarot reader, palmist, and psychic he is able to help guide others on their life's path. Ross's passion is doing psychic readings and opening others to the amazing world that is right beyond their present level of comprehension. He specializes in using his skills to help solve crimes and he loves to explore the truths that come from channeling the dead and guides.

His clients find him honest, open, funny, caring, highly intelligent, and provocative in his capacity to unveil the deeper truths that clients might not be aware that they are intentionally blocking from their awareness. Clients are regularly startled and find themselves open mouthed in amazement when he brings up things from the past that they have told no one or they know there is no way that Ross could have been told a particular piece of information. He shows his clients how the past patterns and upsets can be the energies that are preventing change and growth in their present situations. He loves to delve into the past and allow the light to shine into his client's darkness thus freeing up the energy that will help them achieve their goals and dreams in the future.

Ross works at the Golden Braid Bookstore as one of its resident psychics that is available in the store
during normal store hours. Please call the Golden Braid Bookstore to make
appointments with him at: (801) 322-1162.

He also works out of the "Gift of Touch" Salon in Salt Lake City, UT. The phone number of the salon is: (801) 461-0877. The address is: 2766 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84109.

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