Testimonials on Suzanne Continued

"Working with you has been one of the most marvelous experiences I think anyone could have. I thought of a hundred things to say the other night to describe how incredible you are, and of course, they escape me right now. I couldn't have made this much progress in the past couple of years without your help and guidance. You are a healer, a stupendous teacher, and friend. I still think you need to bottle half the stuff that comes out of your mouth!" — Rita

"I think the first time I came to see you was the fall of 1993. I was contemplating massage school and you said it do it...but it would only be the beginning. The next time I saw you, you did cranial on me and "tranced" me into a place where I opened doors into my future. That experience has never left me. It was life altering!

Always your read of the energy surrounding me and this planet has been of benefit. I go to you when I need clarity and healing. I always get it. I'm so grateful that you entered my life and that I'm still able to talk to you when I need to. I know you could have chosen a much different life and left behind the "little people" in Utah. But you've chosen to serve those who are ordinary and lead routine lives-raising the awareness everywhere you can. Your influence on the community in Utah has been such a gift! I think your enlightening energy balances out density.

I have a great deal of respect for you for using your gift to better this world rather than in a self-serving way. You have enormous integrity and light. You've been a good teacher, a good example, a fine storyteller, a playful imp, and just a delight to be around.

I may be one of hundreds who feel this way, but I somehow felt that you took me under your wing and showed me a special sort of friendship in the "client" dynamic. I don't know how you do that but you are very good at it.

Thank you so much for all you've done for this earth, the community and me!" — Vi

" I want to thank you for your workshop this past weekend. Every person there was so inspiring. I’m trying to keep at least a portion of that peaceful spirit and positive energy with me daily. You are an inspiration of love." — Sue

" Thank you for taking the time to talk to my mother. You really touched her. You touched me too."— Maria Mary Shan

" ...thank you for your energy in putting together last week’s workshop. It was so very powerful and magnetic for me, personally, and I also wish to thank you for your support, and for being the person that you are, integrous, sensitive, wise, and loving." — Dot

"I just wanted to thank you for all you do for us and all you've taught us. You've really opened a whole new incredible world for us. W are so grateful for what we've learned in your classes and are excited to take more. Thanks for the new world; we love it." — Melenie and family

" I cannot say how I found your web site, nor exactly what prompted me to call and schedule a reading with you. All I can say is that I was ready—and there you were! ...Let me say that your confirmations, insights and gleanings were astonishingly attuned to the conditions, challenges, questions, and quests I am currently facing! — Dennis

"Thank you again for giving me the confidence in myself that I need right now. I feel so much better after our one hour reading." — Lindsey Frear

“ My first reading with Suzanne Wagner literally changed my life! My late husband came forth with his outrageous humor and tidbits about our life that only he would have known. He identified himself as my healing guide as I was very ill; I really did not care to live without him. Three hours later I left with a sense of knowing I was here for a purpose and would have an adventure in accomplishing it. Suzanne points out the lessons we are here to learn and if you apply yourself to learning them you can change your life. I know...I have done it!” — N. Cortes

" You have inspired me and supported me in moving really fast with developing clarity and vision in my life. I hope to get more of your help in strengthening my God-connection, discovering and honing my talents, letting go of having to recreate patterns of loss and grief, and to get better at differentiating who’s stuff is who’s." — Sheryl Seliger

" I’m writing to thank you for an amazing experience last weekend...The experience has been truly transformative for me, although I am still integrating it, and finding out in many ways how I am seeing life with new eyes."— Sheryl

" Thank you! You were Right on!! The confirmation abated a lot of my anxiety as I pass through these gates of transformation. I really enjoy you and your wonderful energy." — Peter

" Thank you for your channeling class. I really appreciate the time and other sacrifices you made to give us this class. It meant a lot to me! I’ve definitely gained some confidence in my abilities. I thank you and my guides thank you, too."— Ember

" Thanks so much for your penetrating contact with the guides and your ability to hear, listen, and understand on another level. I am so grateful to again feel the wisdom of the Divine through you, reminding me to go first to the Source, seek humility, choose once again the Path. I need not descend to ask help, but to reawaken what is already here." — Terry

" Thanks so much for your time and energy—in listening to the tape I am amazed at your spirit and energy." — Liz




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