Wild Women Symposium

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Biography on Deanne Ashton

Deanne Ashton is our wise woman of the group. She was raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family, almost lost an arm in a major accident, married her high school sweet heart, buried a child, raised 5 amazing children, and has managed to maintain a heartfelt, deeply intimate, loving relationship for 51 years. Her motto is: “Relationships in our families, requires many changes in our behavior and attitudes, not changes in our circumstances!” Through many personal growth workshops, seminars, and inner work she has discovered that she has a deep desire for her soul to continually grow and learn. She recognizes that you cannot know wisdom, you have to be wisdom.

Deanne will be teaching a course to exploring the possibilities in relationships, and discovering new ways to create better ones!  She will inspire you to become your best in your relationship. She will give you ideas, tools, techniques, and new ways to learn to open, become more vulnerable, and to find happiness in your relationship.

To contact her call: (801) 420-3050


Awakening Your Higher Self


Jackie Brinkerhoff:

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Biography on Jackie Brinkerhoff

Jackie Brinkerhoff is our Health and Healing Goddess. She is the expert in all things related to the body/mind connection. She is an amazing Zumba teacher, life coach, diet and nutrition coach, psychic, marketing expert, mother of 3 who has managed to brilliantly balance family, life, love, and health. She is one of the best at learning how to multitask. She has been married to her sweet husband for 25 years and in that time they have weathered many of the intense life patterns that would break up other marriages. Instead she and her husband have learned how to brilliantly communicate and to continue their own growth process in a vulnerably authentic and up front way. She is a firm believer in the power of truth and the healing it helps to manifest in our lives.

She will be teaching Zumba, health and nutrition coaching, classes on finding your inspiration, and she will be a part of our Discussion Panel.

To contact Jackie call: (801) 318-4500.


Healing the Sexual Wounds 


Past Life Regression

Krysta Brinkley:

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Biography on Krysta Brinkley

Krysta Brinkley is our astrology expert in the group. She has studied with Suzanne Wagner for over 7 years and has integrated the tools and techniques of many different systems and styles. Krysta loves to learn and is amazingly versed in a variety of fields from herbs, homeopathics, massage, healing modalities, tarot, numerology, palmistry, channeling, astrology, etc. She can answer almost anything and if she does not know the answer she probably can point you in the direction of someone who could. Krysta was trained as a Montessori teacher 20 years ago and taught for 5 years. Shas raised an amazingly talented and independent daughter. She has been happily married to the love of her life for over 20 years.

Krysta is participating in our psychic fair event and will be available for you to have personal sessions with her during the event. She is also part of our Discussion Panel, which is an event where our women facilitators will join together and answer any and all questions you might have.

To contact Krysta call: (801) 706-0213



Krysta will be doing the Psychic Fair and a part of the Discussion Panel for the event.

Crystal Doty:

Biography on Crystal Doty

Crystal Dawn Doty, MBe. is a medical and Angel intuitive who has been teaching about health and angels for over 10 years. She holds a masters certificate in Bio-Energetics, which is the study of life energy, homeopathy, herbs, and nutrition. Even though Crystal is naturally able to communicate with angels, she is also a certified angel therapist through Charles and Doreen Virtue.  If you would like more information about Crystal, her services, locations, and events, please visit her website, www.clarityistheway.com.

Connecting with Your Angels

Join Crystal Doty, angel therapist, to learn more about the angels and the benefits of connecting to them.  Participate in a guided meditation designed to help meet and interact with your guardian angels and certain archangels.  In addition, Crystal will provide quick, precise, and entertaining readings for members of the class who would like a message from their angels.


Jayme Giordano:

Jayme Giordano

Biography on Jayme Giordano

Jayme Giordano is owner and hair artist at Pink Flamingo Beauty Bar and Barber, which also houses space for art, music, sacred dance, charitable events, monthly women's groups and the healing arts. Over the past 10 years she has instructed students in the art of hair styling in addition to being a life coach to her students. She has been head instructor at CChair Academy. As a child Jayme lived a gypsy lifestyle but has always returned to her home in Utah where her soul family resides. She has traveled the world in her modeling career and has been photographed at sacred sites. She is a student/teacher of the inner world, gaining her knowledge from intense inner world exploration and outer world life experience. Jayme paints, writes, belly dances, teaches kundalini yoga, is an Initiate of Egyptian Mysteries, reads the Egyptian Tarot, and writes song lyrics. She considers herself an Eternal Student and Employee of the Universe.

For the past several thousand years we, as a society, have been evolving physically, patriarchally and industrially. In present time we are moving towards a heart centered society that is evolving spiritually and mentally. Inner World Activation connects us to Source, the source of our inner knowing, inner guide, inner healer, inner Spirit and the Gods within. To become a healthy co-creator of our reality, we must heal from the inside out.

Jayme will also be teaching Egyptian Tantric Magic. This Class will delve into all the aspects of Egyptian Tantra from the Golden Era. You will learn how to create with sublimation of sexual energy and control the Kundalini, Serpentine Life Force Energy. Learn the basic tantric sexual theory and how to create energy through sex and valley orgasms.

Inner World Activation Abstract

This workshop will draw the subconscious mind to the forefront and release habitual brain circuitry that no longer serves. In essence, we are free to open to our inner world and remember who we really are. The technique uses regression hypnotherapy, past life memories, touching of the head from healers who have been initiated into the technique that activates the self-healing power everyone has within. After activation, we will journal of our experiences as we go forth to heal others and ourselves.


Bonnie Rimmasch:

Bonnie Rimmasch

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Biography on Bonnie Rimmasch

Bonnie is a native of Utah and has had an active life since an early age.  Always questioning, searching and experimenting has given her a wide range of experiences and skills.  She is an accomplished artist and has hand crafted many things of beauty.  She uses all mediums, but finds stained glass and recycled art to be her favorite avenues.

Bonnie has been involved in Yoga only a short time, but it has enhanced her life and creative drive immensely.  She has been co-director of Yoga for People, ( non-profit providing yoga to communities in need)since its inception in 2011.  She teaches at the Cancer Wellness House in Salt Lake City and is always looking for more ways to serve.  Bonnie has a unique approach to wellness and well being and loves to inspire people to feel passionate about who they are and what they can achieve.  She recently opened a studio at A New Day Spa and Wellness Center in Salt Lake City, where she loves to be.

Bonnie completed her 200 RYT(registered yoga teacher) at the Salt Lake Community College, then went on to study at the Integrated School of Yoga, where she received her IRYT(international registered yoga teacher)and Yoga Therapy Certificate.  Yoga Therapy includes, class yoga sessions, assisted stretching, Abhyanga massage and gem therapy.


Be Your Own Inspiration

Come on this journey of creative exploration and unleashing.  This offering is a unique blend of traditions to help each of us access new creative expression and bring it into our lives.

Please bring a yoga mat.(no sweating just mild movements)

Some yoga mats and art supplies will be provided.



Ilene Whipple:

Ilene Whipple

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Biography on Ilene Whipple

Ilene is a mother of 3 and a wife of 1 (Which is pleanty. LOL!). She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997. She wnet blind in her right eye and had moving numbness, electrical shocks and pain. the medical profession told her to "deal with it" and call if it got worse. She accepted that until she had a relapse and her eyes started having spots in them. She met a naturopathic Doctor who led her into a new belief system and said that she could be whole again. Through herbs, chiropractic, emotional and energy work, she is healing and continueing to heal. She then desired to know how all these modalities work to heal the body and she started taking classes and learned what she knows today. It is her dream to share what she has learned with other women and is excited to be a part of the second Wild Women Symposium. 

She has been trained in:

Kinergetics, Kinesiology, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and Byron Katies, "The Work".

The Work: Self Realization

In this session you will experience Kinesiology and how to use it to help you make choices for nutrition, emotional challenges, essentially "peeling the onion" to get at the cor issue that as holding your back from progressing in your life. After this class you will have practiced and gained enough knowledge and experience to take these methods home iwth you and apply them to your daily life. She will also do an amazing TMJ release technique that you can do at home or on others.


Lanae Staker:

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Biography on Lanae Staker

LaNae Staker our expert in transforming abuse into love. She is a mother of two, who had dedicated her life to the expansion of love and learning the tools of acceptance and healing. Her personal journey has taken her through trauma in childhood, which has given her amazing gifts and insights into the tools for transformation. If you want to heal childhood issues, expand your intuitive self, learn to live life with laughter and joy than she is the psychic for you.

Her tools include: tarot, numerology, channeling, guides, angels, and mediumship. LaNae is one of our resident psychics for the psychic fair.

LaNea will be participating in our psychic fair event so sign up early and reserve your spot with her. She will also be a part of our Discussion Panel for all of you women to ask questions and to share ideas

LaNae will be a part of the Psychic Fair and in the Past Life Regression Class as well as the Healing Sexual Wounds Class



Jennifer Stanchfield:

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Biography on Jennifer Stanchfield

Jennifer Stanchfield is our Embodiment of the Dark Goddess representative. Jennifer has spent her life learning to explore and express the full feminine essence though practices that are physical, sensual, passionate, artful, expressive, dancing, and mind expanding. She has practiced and lived her life in the devotion to the divine feminine within her and she loves to show women the power of their femininity and healing quality of their passion. Jennifer will use ancient yogic practices to support you in expressing emotions that have been bottled up, judged, restricted, or blocking your forward progression. She believes that finding appropriate ways to express the full range of the feminine is essential for living a healthy and balanced life. Be prepared to move, dance, and express in her sessions. You will feel energized, free, and in her class you will find yourself coming back home.
She will be teaching two sessions, one in the afternoon each day. Come dance and play in the field of the divine goddess within you.
To contact her call: (801) 949-0139.

She will also be teaching a class on Sacred Sexuality and Learning to Flow with the Masculine and Feminine. Discovering the nature of sex, passion, and how to keep your relationship alive and vibrant.

Jennifer will be teaching and lecturing throughout the event.

Jennifers speciality is work that embodies the dark femimine. In her class you will experience wonderful exercises in which you find the pathway to express your deeper emotions in ways that are supportive of your growth, empowering, and refreshingly fun. Don't miss this chance to change how you feel and gather tools that will allow you to give your feminine full expression in ways that are loving and compassionate.



Suzanne Wagner:

Psychic, Author, Healer and Facilitator:

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Biography on Suzanne Wagner

Suzanne Wagner is the creator of this event. She wanted to pull together the amazing talents of many of the healers and teachers in this area to support the women in the vast Utah community. The Wild Women Community has the intention to make this a bi-annual event. One in the Salt Lake Valley and one up in Park City in the Fall. 

Suzanne is a well known professional psychic who has taught classes on Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Channeling, and Relationshiops for the past 20 plus years. She is a published author of books on Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Channeling, and Relationships. He Books, Integral Tarot and Integral Numerology have expanded the face of metaphysics worldwide.

Suzanne hopes that you will join us for this event and help us set the stage for the growth and evolution of the Divine Feminine.

Suzanne also invites you to connect to her Free App, "Wild Women Life Series at the App store on ITunes. It will be available shortly on Android. She is also offering the upgrades of the App for Wild Women Love and Wild Women Light for free. This is a limited time offer.

Sacred Sexuality

The White Tantric Path and the Discovery of the Inner Dragon Energy

Fauntelle Young:

Fauntelle Young

Interior Designer, Color Specialist, Stylist, Redesign Specialist, Feng Shui Practitioner

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Biography on Fauntelle Young

Fauntelle Young has worked to open women to find balance, beauty, and stability in their lives. She has been trained in Re-Design, Feng Shui, she is a stylist, color expert, and Interior Design. Fauntelle loves to show you that with some understanding of the Art of Living, you can make your house into a home, inspire your passion and intimacy, and open up your creative self.


She has lived her life uncovering the secrets that support women in discovering themselves by creating spaces that support your highest goals and personal values. She has worked in the community for years and many of her spaces are restaurants and stores that you have probably visited. She shows you how to make your home into a place that honors your personal gifts and opens the doorways to the energies that you want to bring into your home and life.

Personal Note from Fauntelle:

For the past 30 years, I have worked hands-on with women to help them find their inner beauty while creating in my own home a space that breathes and exudes the principles I teach. I am a mother, sister and a friend. Healthy long-term relationships have always been a priority. I continue to study, live and further educate myself, and perpetuate my search for inner beauty and love through ongoing studies in all areas. Amazing Space is the culmination of all my life experiences and is truly a passion.

You may contact her at (801) 541-1832
Or at fauntelle@gmail.com

Amazing Space - The Art of Living

What is the art of living is. It is the study of how to arrange your environment to support and enhance your life.

In this Class Fauntelle will show you:
The three principles. Everything is alive withenergy. Everything is interconnected, and the energy in
everything is always changing.

The three suggestions to bring it into your life.
Live with what you love.
Put safety and comfort first.
Express and organize yourself.